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November 2009 Health Newsletter

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» Heart Health Nutritional Support
» Headaches/Neck Pain In Children
» More MRI's Equal More Surgeries
» Antibiotic Overuse Becoming Deadly Serious
» Chiropractic - It's Not Just About Back and Neck Pain - It's About Wellness

Heart Health Nutritional Support

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Cardioplex:  Vitamins and phytochemically-rich herbs to help maintain a healthy heart
Core Level Heart:
Nutritional support of the cardiac muscles
Homocysteine Redux:  Nutritional support of the cardiac muscles

Calcium (citrate): Highly absorbable calcium; reduces the risk of osteoporosis, supports cardiovascular   and colon health
CoQ10:  Energy for cardiovascular health
l-Carnitine:  Cardiovascular and endurance support

ADHS:  Supports normal cortisol levels
L-Carnitine HCL:  Plays a critical role in fat metabolism and eneygy productions, therefore supports healthy heart function.
Mg Zyme:  Magnesium support for proper cardiac support


Author: Clearwater Chiropractic & Acupuncture P.A.
Source: March 2010; Vol 2, No. 1
Copyright: Dr. Susan J. Aubuchon 2010

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Headaches/Neck Pain In Children

If your child is suffering from headaches and/or neck pain, chiropractic is a very viable, safe and natural treatment method. According to new research, joint dysfunction in the lower cervical spine (fixations and abnormal movement in the vertebrae making up the lower neck region) was significantly associated with neck pain and/or headaches in preadolescents. Chiropractors spend years learning spinal evaluation and have a number of highly skilled techniques to identify and care for spinal abnormalities including vertebral fixations and movement abnormalities. In fact, the majority of chiropractic treatments utilize chiropractic adjustments that are forces applied to the spinal vertebrae that aim to restore normal motion and correct fixations. Another interesting finding from this study – there was a wide variation in the child's self-report of trauma history and neck pain and/or headache prevalence and their parent's reporting. Thus, many parents don't seem to be fully knowledgeable in their children's aches and pain. If you suspect your child might be suffering from neck pain, headaches, or any other spinal pain or condition, be sure to question them thoroughly. If you find your child may be suffering, please call your local chiropractor today and see if safe, effective chiropractic care can help your child to be pain-free and healthy!

Source: JMPT. Volume 32, Issue 8; October 2009.
Copyright: LLC 2009

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More MRI's Equal More Surgeries

It seems that today more than ever people expect and demand an immediate solution to their aches and pains. Unfortunately, much of the medical research and treatment has failed to catch up with the demand. An example is highlighted by a recent study published in the journal Health Affairs. In this study, researchers found that the availability of MRI machines (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) significantly affected the number of surgeries for those suffering from low back pain - increased access and utilization of MRI's resulted in more surgeries. While some may believe this is a good thing, there are serious doubts surrounding the effectiveness and appropriateness of surgery in most people suffering from low back pain. Not only are surgeries expensive and risky, their outcome when compared to others not undergoing surgeries, are often no better in the long run. According to the majority of experts, for most low back pain sufferers, surgery should only be considered once all other conservative forms of care have been fully exhausted. Low back pain is the number one condition evaluated and treated by chiropractors. Anyone considering surgery for low back pain should seek a thorough evaluation by a licensed doctor of chiropractic. Moreover, some chiropractors offer different techniques and types of therapies from other chiropractors. If care from one chiropractor doesn’t provide the expected results, rather than consider surgery, consider receiving an evaluation from another chiropractor who might offer a different and perhaps more appropriate technique or therapy. It's important to remember that going under the knife is risky and the results can be far less than desirable.

Source: Health Affairs, 28, No. 6 (2009): w1133-w1140.
Copyright: LLC 2009

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Antibiotic Overuse Becoming Deadly Serious

According to experts at the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), overuse of antibiotics is making bacteria and viruses far stronger and our most powerful drugs more and more useless. Continued overuse and abuse of prescription antibiotics has led to the creation of superbugs that are now responsible for approximately 25,000 deaths in Europe and 19,000 deaths in the United States annually. Each year in Europe alone these superbugs result in some 400,000 infections resulting in 2.5 million hospital days. Economically this also translates into 900 million Euros in extra hospital costs and 600 million Euros in lost productivity each year. A 2002 survey revealed that 60 percent of patients did not know that antibiotics do not work against viruses like the flu and colds. Unfortunately, patients often demand antibiotics for their flu's and colds as well as fail to take them as prescribed which has helped to create and strengthen these superbugs. Moreover, many physicians cave under the pressure of demanding patients and prescribe antibiotics despite knowing they will be useless in treating the person's flu / cold and that it will continue to contribute to the further evolution of superbugs.

Source: Reuters. November 10, 2009.
Copyright: LLC 2009

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Chiropractic - It's Not Just About Back and Neck Pain - It's About Wellness

According to data from the National Health Interview Survey conducted in 2002, at any given time approximately one quarter (26.4%) of U.S. adults report having suffered from low back pain lasting at least an entire day in the preceding 3 months. Neck pain lasting at least an entire day was reported by 13.8% of U.S. adults within the preceding 3 months. These are two of the most common conditions prevalent in society today and comprise a large percentage of the people that seek chiropractors care. However, more and more people are learning about the wellness related benefits of chiropractic care. This includes chiropractic care designed to not only alleviate pain, but care that has been designed to improve one's overall wellbeing. Call today and allow us to show you what chiropractic care has to offer you and your entire family!


Source: Spine. 31(23):2724-2727, November 1, 2006.
Copyright: LLC 2006

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